Féile 2016

Féile Saturday 18th June  

Lahorna Bt Clogh Kilkenny in Feile Boys 60x30

James Loughnane/ Jack Mulcahy Bt Luke Flanagan/Ml Brennan 21-0 , Cormac Doheny/Rory Grace Bt Kyle Dunne/Domnic Bolster 21-9  (Overall 42-9)

Skills - Gold Kyle Dunne , Silver Rory Grace, Bronze Cormac Doheny

Jack mulcahy. Cormac Doheny. James Loughnane.Rory Grace. Eoin Carroll

Girls Div 2 40x20

Siobhan Prentice, Grainne O Brien, Amy Mc Keogh & Isobel Farnan  (Silver Winners in Division 2)

Ballina V Micheal Breathnach Galway

6        -      21

12      -      21

Ballina V Windgap Kilkenny

 21       -    14

 21       -    14

Ballina  V   Kilkishen Clare

  21       -    3

  18       -    18

Final   - Ballina  V Micheal Breathnach Galway

                   5           21

                   7           21

Kilkishen Bt Windgap in Plate Final

Skills Winner  - Chloe Philpot Kilkishen



Click Link for Fixtures :   2016 Féile Handball Fixtures.xls

1.        Club team of four players in two pairs and one substitute, team and substitute can interchange before each match.Team in order of play to be supplied to the referee before each match. (The order of play may be changed for second or subsequent matches).


2.        If a player gets injured during a game the substitute is allowed to take the injured players place.


3.        Each pair play one game to 21 aces or maximum of 15 minutes game,with a point for each win. First service is decided on the toss of a coin. The team receiving in the first game will have first service in the second game.


4.        When two or more teams in a group tie on points, the placings are decided on total aggregate aces (for is totalled first, if still a draw then total against – lowest will be awarded highest placing). Where aggregate scores are still equal, a play-off to 11 aces between any pair from each side decides the placings.


5.        In case of a tie in any final, rules as in 4 apply. First service to be decided on the toss of a coin.

6.        Full playing rules apply in all games (As there is a time element to this competition – no time outs are allowed).


7.        Teams to wear Club colours in all matches unless requested to change when colours clash.


9.     Players must be under 14 years of age on 1st January in year of the competition.


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